PRESS RELEASE is the Top Sponsor for Tsinghua University’s 100-Year North America Celebration Party

On May 21st, 2011, Tsinghua University held a North American celebration party for its 100-year birthday in San Francisco. was this party’s top sponsor. CEO Lin Song and International VP Huang Tianbo attended the party and celebrated this wonderful occasion with numerous North American Tsinghua University students.


The celebration party was held in a very large scale faculty, filled with wonderful shows and programs, effectively enhancing interactions and communications amongst the participants. Tonight, Lin Song stated that will become actively involved in many more overseas Chinese community groups and together we will create an in-depth cooperation by uniting the overseas Chinese community and create opportunities for exchange. At the same time, the combination of’s rich Internet experiences with Tsinghua’s elite student body can successfully push Chinese television abroad in order to spread Chinese culture and promote development.