Thailand’s Newest IPTV Platform Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) and iTV Media Inc.

Bangkok, Thailand    

September 5th, 2011


The world’s fast growing demand for the Internet has led Thailand into an Information Era, allowing Thai countrymen to open up to each other and the outside world. To satisfy Thai consumers’ widening needs, the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) established a joint venture with iTV Media Inc. ("iTV Media"), Me Television, to set up an IPTV platform in Thailand. iTV Media will support TOT in sales, operations, and content aggregation. 


This cooperation will largely transform Thailand’s television industry by offering an Internet platform that will not only allow Thai countrymen to view all types of programs from all around the world at a cost effective price, but also the potential to bring the world market to home television, such as shopping, gaming, learning and much more. Additionally, iTV Media provides a personalized experience that is truly unique to each viewer. In the end, not only does iTV Media hope to enhance our customers’ TV experience, but also we wish to better their lives.